Oil and Gas

A. H. AL-SAGAR & BROS. CO. offers through its representations supply & service contracts of related equipment to the oil and gas, petrochemicals industries, desalination and energy sectors.


Representations (Sponsors)

  • Chevron Kuwait
  • Hyundai Engineering and Construction

Principal representations

  • Metso Flow Control O.Y, Finland (Butterfly, Globe, Instrumentation Control Valves)
  • NEUMAN and ESSER, Germany (Reciprocating Compressors)
  • SANCO, Italy (Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems)
  • DELLA FOGLIA, Italy (Ball-ESDV-MOV Valves)
  • WZI Instruments, China (Valves)
  • PROCONTROL, Italy (Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators)
  • TPT PACIFIC, Korea (Mass Transfer Equipment & Services, Internal Tray, Mist Eliminators, Rings)

On-going Projects

  • Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway Project – Started 03/11/2013
  • Al-Ahmadi North Pier Project – Hyundai Engineering & Construction
  • Various Electrical & Mechanical Contracts and Material Supply

Other Executed Projects

  • Doha West Power Station Desalination Plant – 24 Million Imperial Gallons per day) – (Ansaldo Italy)
  • Alsafar Motorway – (The largest Motorway Project ever executed in Kuwait) (ITALSTRADA)
  • Al Istiglal Fly-Over Bridges and Highway, Two Projects – (ITALSTRADA)
  • Al Magwa New Radio Broadcasting Station – (Comprising all Civil Works, Transmission Equipment, Towers Antennas)
  • Union Carbide’s Polypropylene Technology License to Petrochemical Industries Co.
    (for the production of Polypropylene. (Union Carbide Co.)
  • Maintenance of Boilers & Auxiliary Equipment at Az-Zour Power Station, (Ansaldo G.I. E)
  • Water Recarbonation Plant for Az-Zour West Desalination Plant
    (Recarbonation of 90 MIG/per day) {Ansaldo Industria}
  • Rehabilitation of Doha West Desalination Plant (Ansaldo G.I. E)
  • Az-Zour Maintenance {Ansaldo G.I.E}, Two Projects
  • Environmental Engineering – (Tetratec, USA)
  • Sub-Station 132KVA, (ASEA, Sweden), Three Projects