Divisions / Commercial Division
The Commercial Division handles the Company's commercial activities by marketing all types of Lighting fixtures, Lighting Poles, Cast Resin Transformers, Cables and Welding machines and Electrodes, in close     co-ordination with the Electrical & Mechanical Divisions of the Company.
We represent the following leading Overseas Companies in Kuwait:
 • GE Lighting System, USA  - Roadway, Area and Flood Lighting, High and Low Bay luminaries and    Hazardous location Lighting (KOC approved)
 • Saudi Lighting Co, Saudi Arabia  - Street lighting, Commercial/Industrial/Hazardous/Landscape lighting    (KOC approved)
 • Cooper Lighting & Security (JSB), UK  - Exit and Emergency light
 • Rudolf Zimmermann Bamberg (RZB), Germany  - Downlight/Track and Spotlight/Ceiling and Wall Luminaire/Outdoor    Luminaries
 • Acuity Lighting Group (Lithonia Lighting), USA  - Fluorescent lightmeeting special voltage and technical specification of    KOC and Petrochemical Industries, Emergency and Control systems,    Indoor HID lighting
 • Spittler Lichttechnik, Germany  - Downlight
 • Intra Lighting, Slovenia  - Fluorescent Luminaries
 • Ad Vigano, Italy  - Explosion Proof light fittings & spares
 • Petitjean, France  - Lighting Poles and High Mast
 • LG Industrial System, Korea  - Electrical Transformer
 • Saudi Cable Co., Saudi Arabia  - High and Low voltage electrical cables
 • Castolin Eutectic, Switzerland  - Welding Machines & Electrodes
- Major projects executed so far by the Commercial Division:
1) Ministry of Energy (Electricity and Water)
2) Kuwait University - Health Science Center, Library building, and College of Administrative Studies
3) MTC Headquarters Building and Car Parking
4) Ministry of Interior HQ Building
5) BMW car Showroom
6) Al-Sharq Water Front
7) Care Center for Mentally Handicapped
8) Qurtoba Neighborhood Center
9) Shooting Range Complex at Kazma
10) CRC Residential Complex
11) Land force Institute
12) Al Jaber Airbase